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Questions related to Hostels in Kota

How was your hostel in Kota?

Every known person of yours, who has lived in Kota or visited any hostel in Kota would definitely ask you this question.
They will ask so many questions like—

How are the hostel facilities at ALLEN Kota? What are the fees?

You will find all types of a hostel in Kota. For rich and poor parents. All sorts of Paying guest, house hostels, house rooms, sharing rooms with other students etc.

What are the rules and regulations in the hostel for girls and boys hostel in Kota?

Different hostels have different timings and rules. But generally more or less, rules remain the same. Some hostel are famous with bad names, like, all NON-studious students lives in this hostel. All mischievous students lives in that particular hostel. Try to change the hostel of your kid if the environment is not good.

What if Student in Hostel does not follow rules?

They are straight away given a warning and then asked to vacate the hostel. Parents are informed at each level.

Hostels in kota, Allen Kota, Allen DLP Course, Resonance coaching, IIT Coaching in kota

How much does it cost to study in Kota

So, here is the Answer
Allen /Resonance fees-around 1.5L
Dummy School Fees 1.5L
Food- 3000 per month
Hostel fees / PG Fees- For Boys around 4000 per month to 20,000 per month
For Girls around 0000 per month to 25,000 per month
Electricity Light Bill- If living in HOstel with AC-air conditioner then charges are super high, maybe around 10,000 per month light bill charges.
Personal expenses- annual around 50000 inclusive of one two time travel to home town.
Doctor /emergency expenses–depends not so much..catch around 5000 per annum.

Are there any rules and regulations in the hostel for girls and boys hostel in Kota?

All students have to fill forms, which is mandatorily submitted to nearby Police Stations. These forms consist of all information related to the child and parents.
Any student creating a nuisance is warned immediately. Also, parents are informed. If still, the student is creating a nuisance, then that student is asked to leave the hostel.
Any student who is not adhering to rules is first warned and then asked to leave to the hostel. Parents are also informed.

Which is a better option for living in Kota for any outside student?

Hostel and PG, Both are good and both are not so good. Basically it depends on parent to parent. And it depends from child to child.
Generally, parents are ready to spend any amount for the luxury of their kid. Nothing is very cheap and nothing is very costly. It’s not about the cost. It’s about the future of the kid.

Where actually your kid can devote more time to study. If the other students are studious or not?

Is Living with Mother a good option for coaching student in Kota?

Both types of students live in Kota.
Some parents prefer to live with kid nearby Allen Kota or Resonance Kota.
Some parents do not have the facility to live along with their child. But it’s okay to let student live-in student alone. If your child is not able to cope
with the environment and not able to concentrate on studies, then if your personal situation permits,
Mother can live with the Student/child.

Do you know Which is the best Hostel in Kota?

In every area of Kota, not only nearby Allen or Resonance but in other areas of Kota, you can easily find hostels.
You can search in the newspaper, various mobile apps, Quikr, OLX for finding rooms, hostels etc.
The best way is to roam in Gali /roads of Kota, and where ever you see a To let Board, knock the door, bell the doorbell and check.
This is the best way to search and economical as well.

What is the cost of living in a hostel/PG in Kota?

If living alone and far off, then you can get a room in Rs700 also. Then pice range goes up and up till Rs20,000 per month also.
If living nearby from Vibrant Academy coaching, Nucleus, Allen, Resonance and Motion then high cost.

What are some safe and good girls’ hostels near Samarth, ALLEN in Kota?

Yes, there are many Girls hostel. Generally, the all-girls hostel is very safe and secure. There are thousands of girl students coming to Kota for medical and IIT entrance exam coaching. Safety is the most priority, especially of the girl child.

Is there a good hostel for girls near ALLEN Supath, Baran Road, Kota?

Yes, Try to walk on the road of these areas. You will find many hostels and even homes with To LET board. Then there are many agents also who are basically hostel owners, they will approach you if you are walking. Even they have to fill their vacant rooms..So not to worry..KOTA is a SAFE City.

What are some good boys hostels or house hostel in KOTA near Resonance Institute, Motion or Aakash Institute?

As far as best is concerned, it’s difficult to name a specific one. But all new and upcoming hostels are better than the previous one.
Don’t forget New is Always better!

Which is better in Kota, a hostel or Local Homeroom or a paying guest (PG)? And why?

If you want to live in PG then you will get a homely environment. House owners will keep asking you about your classes and studies and interacting with you.
So you will feel like a home. The hostel is hostel…you know…every other student is like you. Some are studious and some are mischievous.

Which is the best hostel near Resonance, Kota?

In fact, there are many. Try to take a walk on the road of Kota, you will find many with To let boards. Don’t shy to press the doorbell.

What are the monthly expenses of girls living in hostels or home rented rooms in Kota?

If living a simple life of a student, then besides coaching and living expense, there is NO other expense.
If an unnecessary party, shopping online then no limit for expenses.

How are the hostel facilities at Kota? What are the fees?

As per hostel to hostel, You will get AC, Cooler, Fan, Almirah, Bed, Chair table, bean bag, good lights, good mess and good food.

Conclusion: Hope reading this article is helpful to you if you are searching for any hostel for your kid you can ask for any local people as well. they will help you as in Kota, I find people are really helping in nature. Thank you for your interest in Hostels in Kota.

Hostels in Kota
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