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How is ALLEN Kota for droppers?

Students who are planning to make a career in Engineering should take care before appearing in JEE MAINS+ADVANCE.

  1. There is no short cut to success. Give your best shot in preparing for ASAT exams.If you score well then a good batch is waiting for you!

2. This is a part of entrance test exam. Try to get a more than 80 marks to get a better batch. Things will be different for Allen Online test Series 2020

3. If you get a good batch like TLV1 ,TLV2,TFX1,TFX2 then don’t miss the chance to Join these batches.

4. Teachers are excellent in all the batches. There is no discrimination regarding batch-wise and faculty wise.

5. Every student is given equal attention.

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ALLEN has completely high quality and energetic ecosystem.

Faculty and Teachers make you resolve lot of numerical in lecture room itself.

And they continually provide a platform for discussions. Those discussions assist you to reduce your errors, hence there is no room for any confusion at the same time as solving actual NEET exam.Generally for Allen Online test Series, students gets chance to go through all the subjects in professional way.

If you are regular in attending your classes then no one can prevent you from scoring first-rate in the real examination.

Teachers are usually ready for help at doubt counters. They really need to see you as a IITian / doctor and always try to motivate you that you can surely crack the exams.

Allen keeps organising one-of-a-kind events which freshens up your thoughts and maintains boredom far from you. They kind of inspire you spiritually.

Apart from teachers , the non-academic staff is in reality brilliant. Every member continues motivating you in case you feel low.

Their test papers are almost of NEET pattern.

How is the DLP of Allen?

So basically Allen DLP is Distance learning program.

 So generally Allen dlp is taken by those students who can’t attend classes due to their own reasons. There are many pros and cons of DLP Program.

When you opt for Allen DLP coaching institute will just provide you the study material and and test series, they will not guide you what do first and what topic is important etc also it will and it requires very hard work to study through Allen DLP and understand everything upto JEE level.

  So, Understand that we’re living in a modern world and we need to walk with it and that’s important too. We need to get most benefits from this so called “digital world”.

If you have enrolled yourself in some local iit jee coaching and there are teachers who are going to help you , its good .

Pic Credit Allen Kota

But , if you are studying by yourself , beware , as this can harm you more than benefiting you. As the questions are not that easy and without proper guidance and doubt clearance, you’ll get frustrated and eventually stop studying.

On the other hand, When it comes to entering into prestigious IIT, JEE not only tests the students for the hard work they have put in but also for their contingent intelligence.

There are several distance learning programs available in the market but in this era of cut-throat competition, an ideal distance learning program that can sail you through the gruelling tests and take you to the doorstep of success should be a mix of various aspects of coaching and should comprise of the following:

  • Concept-Based Study Material
  • Fine-tune with a student’s pace of learning and preferences
  • Practical Assessment of all fundamentals
  • Complete coverage of theoretical parts
  • Graded levels of assignments
  • Regular conceptual doubt clearing sessions
  • Mock Tests in simulated JEE environment
  • Effective Test Analysis

See DLP’s can not teach in the way a teacher would have taught you. They are just extra practice material that will boost your performance. Please note Allen Kota DLP is different from Allen Online test Series 2020.

What is the entire process for getting into ALLEN DLP?

There are two ways getting into Allen dlp.

  1.  You can visit their office personally fill the form submit the fees and get it.
  2.  You can visit their website and purchase it online.

Distance Learning Programs(DLP’s) are preferred by many students, since it is better to study from home comfortably and efficiently with your time table. Few other good things about Allen DLP’s are :

You can study from home and can adjust study timings according to you.

You can go through the lectures again and again if you aren’t getting the concept.

Due to some orthodox parents few girls aren’t really allowed to leave their home for studying and DLP’s are worth substitute for them.

They give good reference books and content along with it which help in preparation for JEE.

Basically Allen DLP is a package which contains books and test papers. Allen Kota Study material might be different from Allen Online test Series

For medical, there’re 70 Chapterwise booklets and for IIT-JEE, there’re 80–85 Chapterwise booklets you’ll be getting.

The main motive of this study package is to deliver the exact matter which is used in teaching process. This material is designed by ALLEN’S DLP top most faculties and HODs.

Overall it’s a complete package for any NEET/IIT-JEE aspirants & No need to purchase any other big bulky reference books.

This package will cost you around 20000/- at any Allen centre. (Please check for prices by calling Allen or by visiting them ). Prices will be different for Allen Online test Series.

If your budget is low, then you can purchase the same study material at very low price.

How is life in ALLEN Career Institute Kota?

Remember you are here in Kota for studies.

More than 2 Lakh students comes to Kota Rajasthan for their dream career (prepration).

There are various facilities provided by ALLEN Kota for students. If you want to crack IIT JEE then must join. Allen’s environment is full of motivation.

Start your day with Prayer- Most of us are Indians and we believe in beginning the day with prayers.

When you will go to your class at morning you will start your day with Prayer that gives you positive energy . Here is the photo of Allen students praying in class.

You don’t get any holidays at ALLEN Kota except for National Holidays , Eid /Diwali Holidays and Sundays. You can check differently for Allen Online test Series.

Even though Sunday might be an official holiday, you’ll have tests and extra classes on Sundays and the frequency of these tests increases with time

Time will fly away and each day is equally important.

What is the uniform for boys at ALLEN Kota?

The uniform for boys is of two types at ALLEN Kota …

For pre-nurture ( class 10 and below ), allen provides a green colour T-shirts….

Whereas for higher class i.e. nurture, enthusiast, leader and achiever… there is a t- shirt and trouser…

There is no issue regarding the foot wear. You can wear any thing which is comfortable for you.

Along with the uniform, ALLEN provides an umbrella, bag, pen, key chain at the time of admission…

It also provides jacket near Diwali holidays- For more updated details, please contact Allen career Institute website. Also, check details for Allen Online test Series calendar and information.

Routine at Allen Kota Rajasthan

Every student at Allen Institute Kota has a almost similar routine

Wake up at 5 or  6 in the morning. You might have evening class then depends on you .

Rise up early, it’s an awesome addiction.There might be a different routine of student who have enrolled for Allen Online test Series 2020

If you have a morning batch your classes might start from 6/ 8am generally.

You’ll have two-two lectures a week, sometimes three lectures which happens on alternate days.

Each lecture is one and a half of hours long, and some extra ruin time, so if you’re in eleventh grade you may depart the study room around 12pm, and round 2pm if you are in 12th.

After that, you go to your room, clean up a touch bit, have lunch and relaxation.

Start analyzing at 2pm.

  Every student has different ability of studying but many student have common routine. Similarly for Allen Online test Series different way.

Late night studies ..they sleep till 1am to 3 am .

Most hardworking student take 5 to 8 hour of sleep .

What is the Hostel fee structure of ALLEN Kota?

You will find ample number of options to live in Kota.

As per your budget you will get Hostel near Allen career Institute Kota.

From as low as Rs 2000 per month to Rs 10000 per month you will get accommodation.

Prices are high if you are living very near to coaching class.

What is the fee structure for ALLEN

Fees changes every year and lots of subsidies and discounts are also there for the really needy ones. It is approx 1,00,000 per annum. You may pay it in 1 or 2 instalments. For more info visit

Payments can be made in cheque,Bank transfer, Debit card etc

In fact this facility available for Allen Online test series 2020 aswell.Try contacting allen call center if required.

Coaching can provide you only the studying atmosphere. All that matters is how much effort and hardwork you put into your studies.

Regarding Kota, if you can  concentrate well, its a Mecca of  education but also is a hub of distraction. But if you are a average student with lack of concentration then you have to change your habits and avoid useless friendship.

So its on you , I would suggest you to first have a trip to Kota for a week and meet the peoples and get opinion from the students.

Kota-The Education City  is the best place to Fullfill you dreams of becoming a doctor or an engineer.

Allen Test Series 2020

Allen Kota has a track record of past many years of producing the best of the best original questions. These questions and answers are prepared by teachers and faculty,specially for Allen Online test Series 2020.

Allen Online Test Series 2020

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